I'm Ready To Open a Gym In the Next 6-11 Months.

The Gym Ownership 8 Week Online Course


Imagine owning a gym that runs on its own.....

You work when you want IF you want to.

  • Does your son have an early baseball game? No problem. You're there coaching first base.
  • Did one of your best friends from high school just send you a last minute text to have lunch before he leaves? No problem. You're there laughing and having drinks.
  • Do you want to surprise your significant other with a long weekend to the beach? No problem. You're there enjoying the hotel pool with your significant other.
  • Did you wake up and realize the weather is perfect for fishing, golfing, or both? No problem. You're there with a 10am tee time.
  • Do you hate mornings as I do? No problem. Your day doesn't start until 11am.

You do what you want IF you want to.

  • Do you hate spending hours on boring paperwork? No problem. You get to spend your time doing what you love.
  • Does the thought of selling memberships make you nauseous? No problem. You don't have to.
  • Do you love training dedicated clients in a small group training format? No problem. That's what you can focus on.
  • Do you get bored working at the front desk but love teaching classes? No problem. You hired a friendly front desk employee.
  • Are you an idea person and are bored by the execution? No problem. Lock yourself in your office and dream away.

And best of all, you still make money no matter if you're there or not - 40 to 50 cents on every dollar your gym earns.

How is this possible?

Because we're going to help you build a $100,000 24-hour access gym just like the gyms we own. Within 18 months, it will literally be an income-generating cash machine that you don't have to touch if you don't want.

Did I mention you won't have to put more than $25,000 down to open your gym? No long-term coaching contracts. No monthly franchise fees. It is 100% yours, and yours only.

And that's just the beginning...

Because we're giving you every tool, system, and document you'll need to open, operate, and grow your HomeTown Gym, you can focus on making it truly your own by adding online personal training, athletic training, or any other niche you're passionate about. The sky is the limit.

The 8 Week Online Course 

Becoming An Absentee Gym Owner: How to open, operate, and grow your HomeTown Gym so you can do what you want when you want.

Just like a franchise, you'll have everything you need to open, operate, and grow your gym. EVERYTHING.

That's over 10 years worth of material we've tested, tweaked, and used at Ageless. You get:

  • the exact business plan we used for Ageless
  • our membership contract
  • our class outlines
  • our employee agreements
  • our email marketing drip campaign
  • our financial projections for your bank
  • our contacts for equipment, and more.

Lesson 1 - It's all about YOU

Are you sure you're ready to open a gym? Are you sure it's going to give you everything you want? Is it really worth the risk?

In this lesson, we're going to help you imagine your dream gym and make sure it's going to give you everything you want. We're going to talk about your goals, what your ideal day looks like, what you don't want your life to look like, and more. By the end of this lesson, you'll know with 100% certainty if a gym is the right investment for you at this point in your life.

Lesson 2 - Your Brand

This will be your favorite lesson because it's all about building your dream gym. We're going to help you build your gym's promise, your unique selling proposition, and your gym's culture. In later lessons, we're going to give you everything you need for "under the hood," but this is your time to design the gym exactly how you want it to look and feel. We're going to answer questions like:
How am I going to stand out in my market?
Why will people join my gym and what message will attract them?
How can I create a cult-like following like Soul Cycle?
By the end of this lesson, your dream will be so tangible you'll almost be able to touch it.

Lesson 3 - The Finances

Don't you hate it when fit biz coaches talk about six figures without ever going into details? Or, heaven forbid, they actually show you real numbers from their own business? We do too so we're going to show you our actual financial statements from Ageless and break them down line-by-line for you so you know exactly how much revenue you can expect to make, how much the startup costs are, what your monthly operating costs are, and most importantly, how much you can expect to make as an owner of a HomeTown Gym.

Plus, we're going to give you our key performance metrics we track at Ageless, help you forecast your revenue and profit for your business plan, and set up the entire finance system you'll use at your HomeTown Gym, everything from the daily tracking tasks to who is responsible for what when it comes to your financial reporting. By the end of the lesson, you'll feel like you've owned a HomeTown Gym for years.

Lesson 4 - The Team

Who will you need to hire? What should you pay them? What are the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that need to be done so it runs like a well-oiled machine?

In this lesson, we're going to break down our team depth chart and give you a detailed look of exactly who needs to do what so you can determine if you'll need to hire anyone and in what capacity. You'll get our employee agreement contract, our staffing guidelines, our entire hiring system, and more. By the end of this lesson, you'll have your entire team mapped out.

Lesson 5 - The Gym

What memberships should I offer and how much should I charge? What other products should I sell? How do I know what my members want so I don't waste money offering them services and products that flop?

In this lesson, we're going to get into the "nuts and bolts" of your gym. We're going to create your membership levels, determine what additional secondary products and services you should offer, and create a review system so that your hospitality is always far superior to your competitors. We're also going to give you a few secrets we've learned over the years that turn single month members into 10-year members.

Lesson 6 - Sales

I'm a terrible salesman. That's why I love the HomeTown Gym model so much. I don't have to sell. The marketing system we use does all of the selling for us so when a new member walks through the door for the first time, they're ready to sign up and hand over their cash. No awkward sales pitch. No weird silence after you ask for the sale. No free "assessment."

In this lesson, we're going to walk you through the entire sales process you'll use at the HomeTown Gym. We'll dive into the different types of members you'll have at your gym, what their needs are, and what they need to hear before they become a member. By the end of the lesson, you'll have a complete, painless sales system ready to employ as soon as you open your gym.

Lesson 7 - Marketing

How do I find new members? What should my ads say? Should I pay for ads? If so, where? What social media platforms should I use?

In this lesson, we're going to help you create an automated marketing system that does all of your selling for you so you don't have to. We're going to show you who your most profitable members are, what secondary markets you should be targeting, and who you should stay away from. We'll show you what to say and where you need to say it. When the lesson is over, you'll have your entire marketing system automated and your 12-month marketing calendar complete.

Lesson 8 - The Busines Plan

Now that we've spent 8 weeks building your gym so it can run by itself if you so choose, we're going to put everything together and create your business plan. When this lesson is over, your entire business plan will be done and ready to take to the bank.


Because you get access to confidential information such as our gym's financial statements, our membership contract, our business plan, our financial projections, and our employee agreements, we limit the number of applicants we accept. There will be a short online questionnaire we will send you after you apply to determine if you're the right fit for our program. 

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