Let Me Help You Open Up Your Own Gym

Are you ready to turn your dreams into a reality?

Are you ready to love going to work everyday? 

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of your community?

Are you ready to turn your passion into automated, income-generating cash machine that gives you the freedom you want? 



Good. I'm ready to help you start your own HomeTown Gym. 

We've been doing this for almost 10 years now. Since we've opened our doors, we haven't had one single unprofitable month yet at Ageless. In fact, we've averaged $150,000 in sales with a net profit percentage of 40%. And we've done this in a market that's a graveyard for most brick and mortar stores - a small rural town of just 3,200 people. 

And just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, we did it again in another small rural town of 5,000 people. And again, we haven't had one single unprofitable month there either. 

And because we wanted really wanted to make sure this business model was the best model for an aspiring gym owner, we partnered with two wonderful ladies and opened up a high end personal training-only studio in a suburb of St. Louis as well as a spin-only gym in that same suburb. Although both are profitable, we found that the 24-hour HomeTown Gym model is still the easiest to operate as well as the model with the highest net profit percentage. 

And although we've been approached by numerous people and companies over the past 9 years, we didn't pursue franchising or coaching until now because we wanted to be 100% confident we could help someone open a successful gym. So we've spent the last 10 years perfecting our craft, testing and tweaking various ideas, detailing our systems and processes, and creating a blueprint for successfully opening and operating a gym.

So we're ready. Are you?

We'll help you with everything. You'll get access to our logistics, suppliers, marketing plan, policies and procedures manual, training, and more. We will literally be there with you every step of the way for 2 years, answering any questions you have, helping you avoid costly mistakes, and getting your doors open with as little headaches as possible. 

And best of all, we're not a franchise. We won't set ridiculous limitations or charge you crazy fees. We're a coaching service and provide you with everything you need to open your own gym, as well as everything you need to continue to grow it. We're like a partner without having any ownership.

Why Us vs. a Franchise 

Over the years, we've been approached by various companies to franchise our business model. Yet, we resisted. 


Because when I originally opened Ageless, I actually looked at opening a franchise gym instead of opening my own. However, after 9 months of reading through marketing materials and talking to sales reps, I just couldn't get over the fees and restrictions associated with most franchises. Although I understood the importance of what the franchise offered, I just didn't think I could be successful in the market I wanted to be in if I had to pay so many monthly fees and was limited in what I could do. The contracts were too one-sided for me and seemed to offer me little if any protection. 

So why would I turn around and do that to other owners?

Instead, we created the very first coaching service for 24 hour traditional gyms. We took everything we loved about a franchise and removed everything we didn't. We lowered the fees, squashed the upfront costs, removed many of the restrictions, and shortened the contract. 

Most importantly, we wanted to make sure both parties were protected. We wanted a fair, honest agreement. 

Compared to a typical fitness franchise, we have:

  • ZERO upfront costs - Most fitness franchises have an initial franchise fee of $25,000 - $50,000. We don't have an initial startup fee. 
  • Less monthly costs - Typical monthly franchise fees range from $529 per month to 5% of gross revenue. Our fee is a flat $349 monthly fee. 
  • No hidden fees - If you read a franchise contract carefully, you'll notice a range of fees, everything from local and national marketing fees to a website fee to a failed payment fee. That $529 monthly fee mentioned above can quickly climb to over $2000 worth of monthly fees if you check the fine print. We have one fee $349. That's it. 
  • Less restrictions - Most franchises will have you purchase all of your equipment from only a few suppliers, work with just a few software vendors, and require very specific signage throughout your gym, among a list of other requirements. Although that guarantees a similar member experience at every gym in the franchise, we feel it's too restrictive for the true entrepreneur, the dreamer. We do have limitations, but we still give you the freedom to experiment and test ideas you have. You're opening your gym. Why feel like you're handcuffed? 
  • A shorter initial contract - Most franchise contracts are 10 years. We're 2 years with an option to renew annualy thereafter. Why? Because those first two years are critical to your long-term success. That's when you're prone to mistakes, and you'll need a coach to help you take your gym from dream to reality. After those two years, if we're as good as what we say, you'll be able to not just run your gym, but more importantly, grow it on your own. 
  • The option to test drive ownership for $2000 - Unlike a franchise, we give you the option to test drive gym ownership for a weekend at our gym. We want you to be confident gym ownership is right for you. So for an entire weekend you'll be the boss. You'll get see all of the numbers, the daily operations, and anything else you want to. We'll even show you one our studio gyms so you can see the difference between a HomeTown Gym and a boutique gym. And at the end of the weekend, you can decide whether to pursue a HomeTown Gym, wait, or not do it at all. No hard selling. This is only available to our coaching clients. 

And we kept the things we did like:

  • No experience needed: It's a complete "business-in-a-box" that could be owned and operated by anyone no matter how little business and fitness experience they had. 
  • Expert Help: You'll receive expert training to get your gym up and profitable as quickly as possible, as well as ongoing support and training to make sure you stay profitable. 
  • Freedom: The owner can work as little as 3 hours per week or as much as 45 hours per week. It can easily run while keeping a full-time job. In fact, it was specifically designed to be an automated, income-generating machine so that I personally could still work full-time at the pharmacy if I wanted to. 

However, there are a few disadvantages, compared to a franchise:

  • A National Brand: Your gym won't have the national recognition like Planet Fitness or OrangeTheory Fitness. It will be a standalone gym.
  • Small Markets: We like small. Our "blue ocean" is the small towns none of the big guys want. That's where we found our home, and know you'll succeed.  It also minimizes the risk. As mentioned many times, this model was designed as a minimal risk/moderate reward investment. It was created to supplement my pharmacy income, not put it at risk. Small markets are cheap, yet provide a steady profit.
  • No Big Payday: Our model was designed to accomplish three things: 1) Provide a steady profit. 2) Have minimal risk. 3) Be ran as efficiently as possible so you could keep your day job if you wanted to. To accomplish all three of those goals, we had to stay in the small markets. Thus, there's a limit to how much you'll make. Our model will allow you to make a comfortable living, possibly increasing your salary from your full-time job by over 50%, doing something you love while giving you the freedom to do what you want. It's about balance. To us, that's much more important than working 80 hours per week attempting to build a $10 million company you can turn around and sell in 10 years. Plus, who really wants to retire when they are doing something they love every single day?

    What We're Offering You

    The first two years of gym ownership are crucial to your long-term success. Those 24 months lay the foundation for years, if not decades, of financial and emotional success.

    And it's those first two years that you, an aspiring gym owner, will need the most help. There are so many decisions to make, so many things to do, and so many people requiring your attention that it can be overwhelming. The stress. The decisions. The paperwork. It's almost too much for a single person.

    That's where we come in.

    We combined the intimacy of coaching with the automation, training, and replication of the franchise model. That allows you to concentrate on what truly matters - creating relationships with your members. 

    From the moment you decide to open to a gym, we're are just a phone call or email away. You get access to everything you'll need to open a gym just like Ageless.

    During our twice-monthly coaching calls and unlimited emailed access to myself during the first two years, we help you:

    Start the Gym

    • Our 12-week planner so you know each week what you need to accomplish and how you need to accomplish it so you are on track for your grand opening. 
    • Budgeting and revenue projection help so you can better estimate your revenue forecasts for the bank.
    • Design and layout advice so you can maximize revenue per square foot and minimize wasted costly startup spending.
    • Equipment selection help as well as access to the vendors we use so you get the right equipment at the right prices. 
    • All of our swipe files for employee contracts, membership contracts, and other legal documents.
    • Access to our banker so you can work with someone that knows the fitness business and will work with you to get your gym started. 
    • Access to the vendors we use for our point-of-sale software, security, marketing, and insurance so you know you're partnering with trustworthy vendors giving you the best price. 

    Operate the Gym

    • Our policies and procedures manual so you know exactly what needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, and annually as well as how it needs to be done so your gym is running as efficiently as possible. 
    • Our training programs for new employees so employees can be trained as quickly as possible. 
    • Our workout templates for our "Feel Good Look Good" program, all of the workouts for our classes, our Fit to Fab group, and our Personalized Coaching Plans.
    • How to set up and run our quarterly member challenges. 
    • Email drip campaigns for new members so you don't waste valuable time answering questions that can easily be answered in an email. 

    Grow the Gym

    • Ongoing, updated training for gym managers and owners so they can keep updated with the latest industry trends, best practices, and marketing ideas.
    • Swipe files for all of our marketing initiatives including our annual marketing calendar. 
    • Facebook ad training so you can use the world's biggest social media platform to your advantage. 
    • Twice Monthly owner strategy calls so you know you're not in this alone. 
    • Social media strategy guides so you know the best practices for each social media platform. 
    • All new class workouts, personal training templates, and weight loss programs we offer

    So if you're interested in opening a HomeTown Gym and you love the idea of:

    • Just one single monthly fee of $349
    • A short two-year coaching contract with us. 
    • Minimal restrictions so you can make the gym your own.  
    • Getting everything you need to open and operate a successful 24-hour gym.
    • Getting access to continued support from our friendly team at Ageless for all of your questions, concerns, and ideas. 



    Or, contact us directly at BeTheChange@ageless-fitness.com to start your journey. We only have 10 spots open for 2018. 


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