Biomarker Consultation Only

Biomarker Consultation Only
  • Biomarker Consultation Only

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Quick overview

  • *A phone or skype consultation discussing the results of your panel and how it's possibly affected by your nutrition, prescription and over-the-counter supplements, training, and lifestyle.
  • *Recommendations to improve biomarkers that were less than optimal.


    What will the consultation look like


    Prior to your phone consultation, you will have the opportunity to complete a private nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire. Once I review that, as well as your lab results (provided by you), we will schedule a phone consultation to discuss your biomarkers.


    During the consultation we'll discuss your biomarkers, particularly ones that weren't in the optimal zones. We'll talk about what the biomarker means and what could potentially happen if you keep them in non-optimal zones. We'll also discuss your nutrition, medications, supplements, training, and lifestyle to see if we can find a trigger or root cause. By the end of the conversation, we should have a few recommendations that will put you in the optimal zones.


    After the consultation, you'll receive a Review of Systems overview with recommendations. Please see a sample here.